Welcome to Your Guided Self-Discovery (GSD)

Explore the challenges in your life under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.

What is Guided Self-Discovery (GSD)?

Have you experienced any of the following challenges in your life?

  • You find yourself making bad/wrong decisions when you are feeling stressed, worried, fearful, frustrated, or upset?
  • Whenever your future looks uncertain, you feel worried and anxious because there is no security and stability. And you wonder to yourself, "how do I plan for a future I can't predict?" (E.g. COVID-19 making your job less secure, or worse, redundant.)
  • You don't know how to handle conflict effectively. For example, you try to avoid confrontation or find it difficult to control your emotions during it. As such you can't find a resolution, let alone one that you are satisfied with.
  • You are afraid to be assertive and say no to others in order to protect your boundaries, time, and energy. As a result, you can't focus on the things that are important to you.

If you've experienced any of the above, it would have likely caused you distress. As a result, your mood, outlook on life, relationship with others, and even career opportunities might have been affected.

Don't worry. These are normal feelings to experience. 

That's why it's important to do two things:

  1. Understand how you respond to these situations, and
  2. Learn the tools and strategies to effectively deal with these challenges so that normal situations don't become big problems.

Guided Self-Discoveries (GSD) help you accomplish both these things. 

We create a safe space for you to explore challenging issues in your life and find creative solutions under the guidance of an experienced faciliator.

During each GSD, we explore a specific challenge in an intimate group of no more than 5 people. 

Using the experiences of each person, your facilitator will guide you on how you can think about these specific situations and what you can do when you experience them. 

You will learn from your own experience as well as the experiences of others. And as a community, you can support and hold each other accountable. 

Let us help you find a positive solution to the challenges in your life.

PS: First-timers enjoy a discounted rate of $47 for each GSD.

Your Facilitators

Dr Tracie Anne Lazaroo, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tracie has over 10 years of experience working with people in the mental health field. She is passionate about working with individuals with emotional issues such as interpersonal difficulties, eating disorders, life-stage concerns, self-esteem issues, self-harm, bullying, trauma, mood disorders as well as severe psychiatric problems with psychotic features.

Nicholas Patrick, Founder of Ekho Academy

Nic is the Founder of Ekho Academy. After overcoming a decade’s long battle with clinical depression, Nic’s mission is to help people develop their resilience to help overcome the challenges in their life. Nic conducts regular facilitations to help people embrace the struggles in their lives to they can learn and grow from it. 

Upcoming GSDs

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What others say about GSD

It was so helpful to pause and reflect, and also to realise it's not just about you but others as well. It’s also nice to hear from others how we are navigating similar or different challenges.

I'm grateful for the honesty, sharing, insight and safe space it provided

I love the open and genuine sharing overall. It was a really nice and safe session between everyone. Felt like a healing experience.

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