3 Fundamental Strategies to Ace Your Next Job Interview

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This should come as no surprise. But a job interview is a make or break moment. 

You may be the most experienced, talented, or highly sort after.

But if you botch the interview, you would have likely ended your chances of landing that dream job.

Since much value is placed on those few hours, it's important to be fully prepared.

You should always leave a job interview knowing you gave your absolute best.

After all, you have the ability to influence the interview. And this article will show you how to do that.

Here are 3 Fundamental Strategies to Ace Your Next Job Interview.

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1. Before You Go For The Interview

1a) Take comfort in the fact that you were invited for the interview

You may not have met all the requirements of the job.

But you should never go in feeling like you're unqualified. 

Nobody likes to waste time.

If an interviewer has called you in for an interview, it means you have met his/her minimum requirements.

The interview is an opportunity to showcase what more you can bring to the table.

1b) And if you don't have relevant experience?

There are two things you can do during the interview if you don't have the relevant experience.

Firstly, what you lack in experience, you can make up for in knowledge.

You may come from the retail industry.

But if you are knowledgeable about the technology industry, the interviewer will take notice.

Your knowledge suggests passion and a willingness to learn, which are both attractive traits to possess. 

Secondly, while you may not have relevant experience, you would likely have similar ones. 

For instance, you may be inexperienced about marketing cryptocurrency.

But your previous work experience has made you proficient in marketing complex products and services to the common person. And this gives you the unique ability to market any product to anyone. 

The purpose of highlighting a similar experience is to show them that you're not coming in cold. 

You have the necessary qualifications, even if it's in another industry.

1c) Knowing what you can and can't control

It is unrealistic to be prepared for every interview question.

So instead of worrying about what your interviewer might ask you, focus on your answer. 

In other words:

While you can't control the questions asked, you can control the answers given.

So ask yourself:

What do I need them to know about me? Or what do I possess that is relevant to the job?

Make sure you are able to highlight the:

  • Experiences,
  • Skills, or
  • Character traits

that are relevant to the job. 

Don't fret about the questions that may or may not be asked.

Instead, focus on the answers you need to give to show them you're perfect for the role.

2. When You Are At Your Job Interview

Every job has its own set of requirements. And every organization has a specific interview structure. 

So instead of giving too many general suggestions, let us offer you one advice that will trump all other pieces of advice. 

2a) Focus on the similarities, and sell your differences

All an interviewer really wants to know is:

Do you meet my requirements?

And in order for you to show that, you should focus on the similarities, and sell your differences. 

Make sure you clearly highlight the experiences that are relevant to the requirements of the job.

And if there are any gaps in experience or skill, figure out and explain why it's a plus to the role and the company.

Simplify your thought process to this basic principle and you will be more prepared for your interview. 

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3. Before You Leave Your Job Interview

Inevitably, before the interview comes to a conclusion, your interviewer will likely ask you this:

Do you have any questions for me?

And if you are not convinced that you've won the interviewer over, here's one last chance to showcase why you'd be great for the role. 

For instance, if you felt he/she wasn't convinced about your experience, you could say this:

"I don't have any more questions, thank you.

But before I go, I just want to say that I can appreciate your concern about my lack of experience in this area. 

However, my career success is important to me.

And I'm confident based on the similar experiences I've brought up earlier that I can perform the job well. 

As for the area that is new for me, it actually excites me.

I feel very motivated knowing that this role is going to stretch me. And I'm confident that with my ability to learn quickly, this is a role I can do well."

Now it doesn't matter if the interviewer believes you. 

This is your opportunity to reiterate to him/her why you're confident in your ability to excel in this role.

So don't waste it!

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