What If You Could Be Coached Through Any Challenge When You Need It The Most?

Ekho Academy not only teaches you how to handle the challenges in your life, but coaches you on how to make it applicable to your life! 

What you should know

When was the last time you went through a challenging period in life?

What did you do?

How did you feel?

Did you...

  • Wait for the problem to pass so you can go back to your normal life?  
  • Listen to the advice of others without actually knowing if it’s relevant to your situation...
  • Or find out later on that the advice you received didn't work...
  • Or worse, it worked but you don’t know why, or how to repeat it for other challenging situations?

If you’re doing any of these, STOP!

It's time to take BACK your POWER & CONTROL!

Here’s another way…

What if we teach you how to handle any challenge in your life?


We don't stop there. 

We then coach you on how to make what you have learned relevant + useful + applicable to your life!

Now, the next step you experience a challenging period you'll know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO in a way that suits YOU!

Why is this important, you may ask? 

Because this gives you confidence. 

The next time you experience any challenge in your life, you can feel confident. Because you'll be aware of what to do and how to respond. 

Why We Believe In This Method

We are Ekho Academy subscribe to a coaching model that believes YOU are “Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole”.

In other words, you know what is best for you. Our job is to guide you to that truth. We ask the right questions so you can get the answers you need.

More importantly…

A study done by Yale University shows that “good advice is often bad” because they are often biased and not always applicable to your situation. 

But that DOES NOT mean the advice is useless. 

What you want to do is turn the advice into POWERFUL QUESTIONS to make it relevant to your situation.

Here’s an example.


The COVID pandemic has left you feeling anxious. You feel uncertain about your job security.

In addition, you're worried about the safety of your elderly parents who are vulnerable to the disease

This feeling has affected your performance at work. And it is compounding the effects of your anxiety. 

You Google ways you can reduce or end the anxiety. And you've stumbled on an article that says the best way to reduce your anxiety is to journal every day.

It states that if you let out all your feelings on a piece of paper you will feel much better. 

Maybe it works. After all, journaling is a powerful tool to release your emotions.

But there is a more important question that was NOT answered. 

What was it about journaling that helped you feel less anxious? 

And more importantly, how can you replicate that experience in your life so that you have multiple ways to release the anxiety you feel

That is the power of the Pendulum Philosophy that we practice at Ekho Academy. 

The Pendulum Philosophy is based on 1 key question.

How can we take the science + teachings of the world and tailor it so that it works for YOU?

Introducing: Ekho Academy

What Is Ekho Academy?

Ekho Academy combines teaching with coaching. That way, you can take what you learn and make it applicable to your experience.

Teaching you the tools and strategies to handle the challenges in life is NOT ENOUGH. 

Just because it worked for others, does not mean it’ll work for you.

Our job is to help tailor it to your situation so you'll be more successful. 

Who it's For

  • If you want to take what you've learned and make it relevant to your situation.
  • If you struggle to deal with challenging situations in your life
  • If you’re interested in your own personal psychology

Who it's not for

  • If you think it’s enough to simply follow what is recommended
  • If you have good coping mechanisms when you experience challenges in life
  • Your personal psychology doesn't interest you

Who Will You Be Learning From?

You’ll learn from subject matter experts whose careers revolve around helping people MASTER THEIR MIND!

Here are some of our experts...

Agi Heale

Executive Coach

Swee Lin Lim

Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)

Dr. Kwon Kim 

 Neuroscientist, PhD, Neuroscience

Troy Engle

Former Track & Field Coach for Team USA

Dr. Tracie Lazaroo

Clinical Psychologist

Matthew Jurrado

Executive Coach

...and a sample of the topics we'll cover

  • Handling Pressure effectively
  • How to make good decisions
  • Setting Boundaries And Learning How To Say No
  • Being More Assertive Without Offending Anyone
  • Dealing With Anxiety So It Doesn’t Hinder Your Life Choices
  • Embracing Change
  • Dealing With Insecurity And Self-Worth
  • Embracing Uncertainty
  • Being Independent vs. being self-sufficient
  • Dealing With Disappointment

And many more!

Plans + What You Get

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  • Access to all micro-classes
  • Coaching Exercises
  • Group Reflections
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Billed annually

  • Access to all micro-classes
  • Coaching Exercises
  • Group Reflections
  • One Free Coaching Session - worth $90 (for 1st 10 sign-ups)

No Charges When You Cancel During The 7-Day Free Trial!

About The Founder

Nicholas Patrick

Mental Health Ambassador & Life Coach

Hi! I’m Nicholas. But you can call me Nic. 

I started Ekho Academy after overcoming a decade’s long battle with mental health issues. I couldn’t find a powerful way to give back to those who've helped me through that difficult period. So I thought I’d pay it forward. This is my ever-evolving love letter to them. 

My promise to you is to make Ekho Academy a powerful weapon to help you deal with any challenge in your life.

If you want to learn more about my story, I’m featured on Channel News Asia, New Radio 938, The Straits Times, and NCSS.

What Our Members Say


Founding Member

" I’ve found it quite powerful to be able to reflect on the topic in a structured manner. Usually it’s haphazard and inconsistent when coming straight from my mind"

"I P"

Founding Member

" It helped me extract the thoughts it my head, rearrange them, and filter what is relevant to how I live my life."

The Benefit Of This Community

To be honest, you can find information anywhere. The world is full of that.

But the purpose of being part of this community is so you can focus on 2 things:

  1. 1
    Implement what you learn in a way that is relevant to your situation.
  2. 2
    Be part of a community that experiences similar challenges and learn from each other.

Also, we're currently opening this membership to a small group of people.

Reason being, it's important to have a close relationship with our first customers. So your feedback will translate to what you wish to see.

In order words, we are building the product specifically for you!

A Little Bonus!

We've also got a little something extra for the 1st 10 sign ups to our annual plan!

Is there something in your life you’d like to change or improve on?

If the answer is yes, this bonus is for you. 

Sign up for the annual subscription and get ONE FREE 60-minute coaching session. (Open to 1st 10 signs up to our annual plan!)

During this session, we will:

  • Identify an issue that would have the biggest positive impact if you made a change
  • Create a plan to achieve it, and
  • Create an accountability plan to ensure you achieve it.

Why We're Different From The Rest

Our focus is not on teaching you the tools and strategies. There are so many other products and services that do a better job...for now! 😜

Our focus is on you!

Whatever you learn from us we want you to implement in a way that is relevant to you. And that is why we've added the coaching component. We want to give you back the power of making the positive change that works for you. Because, you know best. 

And if you're unsure of the power of coaching, then perhaps these stats - below - will help.


% of people who reported an increase in self-confidence after receiving coaching


% of people who experienced an improvement in performance, relationships, and communication skills

Source: ICF

Let's Get Started

Flex Plan




Billed monthly

  • Access to all micro-classes
  • Coaching Exercises
  • Group Reflections
Secure Plan




Billed annually

  • Access to all micro-classes
  • Coaching Exercises
  • Group Reflections
  • One Free Coaching Session - worth $90 (for 1st 10 sign-ups)

No Charges When You Cancel During The 7-Day Free Trial!


What If Ekho Academy Is Not For Me?

No worries. All sign ups get a 7 day free trial. If you feel it's not going to work for you, you can cancel your subscription. You won't be charged if it's within the 7 days.

If it's a monthly subscription, you won't be charged after the month you've cancelled.

If it's an annual subscription, you wont be charged after the year you've cancelled.


What If What I Want To Learn About Isn't There?

No problem. New content is always being added to the platform. We keep our members updated on upcoming topics. 

We also have a feedback forum where you can let us know what topics you'd like us to cover! The more, the merrier!


Early on, my psychiatrist told me something rather eye-opening.

He said it’s rare for someone to have mental health issues that are biological or genetic in nature. Of course there are some, but it’s a small %. 

Most cases, mine included, are a result of challenges from life being too complex.

This was his way of giving me hope. To let me know that most of what we go through as humans could be overcomed.

But it was also a hard pill to swallow.

Because it sounds like many mental health issues are preventable.

What is lacking is the knowledge on how to deal with the complexities in our lives that cause us distress.

This is my promise to you. To create something that reduces the complexities and alleviates your distress.

Yours sincerely,